Business Partnerships

Corporate Business Partnerships are invaluable to the sustainability and reach of our ministry. Below is a growing list of businesses that have come alongside All Things New through Resident Job Placement, providing goods and services, or through financial support. Will you consider a partnership with All Things New?

How can you get involved?

Resident Job Placement

As a part of our program, residents will be gaining job skills and ultimately pursuing employment locally. Contact us if your business would be interested in partnering with a resident internship or employment.

Goods and Services

Like any organization, All Things New requires a variety of skills and materials in order to operate. If your business would be interested in investing in our mission through goods or services, please contact us.

Financial Gifts

Support the ministry of All Things New financially here.

Get Involved

Please visit our Contact page to let us know if you would be interested in learning more about any of the above opportunities!