Our Program

 Who We Help

We are a voluntary, faith-based, rehabilitation program, servicing women ages 18 and older who struggle with drug and alcohol dependency. Although the program is individualized and its length varies for different residents, all applicants must be willing to commit to at least one year within the program. Residents will complete a 30-day orientation period along with three program phases prior to graduation. Graduation generally occurs after 12 months of the program, but decisions will be made on an individual basis.

Program Overview

It is important that arrangements be made for the care of any dependent children during the time of admittance into the program, as we are currently unable to accept children into our facility. Women who are pregnant at the time they apply should be aware of this policy. We place a high emphasis on the family and aim to work with future residents concerning family relations. Opportunities for family visitation are built into the program, and we aim to help residents establish healthy relationships with their loved ones.

We know that getting sober is a difficult process. Some individuals may require in-patient detox prior to admission. These needs will be addressed during the application process. Since we are not a predominantly medical or psychiatric facility, we cannot accept clients with extreme medical or mental health issues. Individual needs will be evaluated by a healthcare professional prior to admittance.

While we will work with individuals to fight physical addictions, we also will be working to fight the spiritual battle that we believe is happening within. We believe that life change is only possible as a result of heart change. All Things New believes that Jesus Christ is the only one who can transform any heart.

Ezekiel 36:26 says, “I {God} will give you a new heart, and will put a new spirit in you; I will remove your heart of stone and will give you a heart of flesh.” We aim to offer individuals the chance to know the victory, hope, and restoration that comes with knowing Jesus personally. This will include offering opportunities to attend church, be around true Christians, and having staff pray with and for individuals.

Our aim at All Things New is to minister to the needs of each individual who crosses our path. If there is a question or concern regarding any of the topics listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your individual situation and recommend options or alternative services.

Bill Fawley

Director, All Things New

How does payment work?

All Things New is a non-profit organization, operating off of the donations of others. Residential treatment can be expensive, but through the generosity of donors we offer all counseling and treatment services at a reduced rate to our residents. We ask that residents pay a minimal monthly fee to help with the cost of room and board. However, we would never want financial constraint to prevent an individual from seeking treatment; if there are any concerns regarding these costs, payment options can be discussed during the admission process.

How Can I Apply?

Your pre-application will be reviewed, in the order that it is received in, by the Admissions Team at All Things New.